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The French Bulldog

Although these dogs bear the French name, they actually originated in England in the mid-eighteen hundreds and were toy-sized bulldogs. Throughout the years they were crossbred with other breeds, which is how they developed the look they have today. These dogs were mostly found in the areas of England that were known for lace making. During the English Industrial Revolution lace making became threatened in England so these Englishman began to move to northern France and taking their dogs with them. The French began to fall in love with the breed...especially in Paris, and this popularity spread across the country. This is ultimately how they became known as French Bulldogs.


French Bulldogs look similar to Bulldogs but have large, erect, "bat ears" which is a trademark of the breed. Frenchies are very adaptable and get along well with children and other pets. They are very lovable and affectionate and will always want to be by your side. Most Frenchies rarely bark, but are very alert and intelligent which makes them great watchdogs. This breed loves to be outside to run and play, but is very susceptible to heat and does not require a lot of exercise to maintain there health. For more information on this beautiful breed please visit the following AKC website:

About Us

Loving Home

Our  Frenchies are raised in our home and thought of as our children...which translates into...they are spoiled.  Our Frenchies bring so much joy and laughter and we would love to share that with those who have fitting homes. Our Frenchies are well socialized and get along great with our granddaughter, friends, and each other. 

Our Guarantee

All of our puppies are health checked by our veterinarian, will have their vaccinations according to their age, and will be dewormed. With additional fees we will ship you your baby, if need be, or we will even bring it to you (we are always up for a good road trip) if our schedules will permit us. Once a deposit has been placed on one of our pups we will begin to call your new baby by the name of your choice so that they will be somewhat accustomed to it prior to their arrival to your home. All of our puppies will come with AKC limited papers if sold as pet. If breeding/show rights are offered then there will be additional fee. We would also be here for any questions you may have as your baby grows.

                         Our Babies

All of our babies bring such joy to our hearts.  We love watching them  play in the beautiful  weather  of  East Texas.  

                         Our  Luna Lou

Luna refused to get out of my laundry basket so I took the day off.  I think she knew I needed it. 

                         Maggie Mae and Pattie cake

True meaning of  Mother like daughter. These two are two peas in a pod.

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